Frequently Asked Questions


How much is tuition?

Tuition depends on the class your child is enrolled in. The tuition schedule for the 2017-2018 school year is as follows:

Mom’s Morning Out Program: $15/day
2-Day: $135/mo
3-Day: $165/mo
5-Day: $190/mo
If your child is enrolled in 2 classes: Total Tuition – 20%

How do I pay tuition?

We take cash or checks. We do not accept credit cards. If you are paying cash, please place it in an envelope with your name on it. Checks can be made out to Adams Farm Christian Preschool. Payment can be dropped off at the church in the black box located in the preschool supply closet. You can also mail it to:

5113 Mackay Road
Jamestown, NC 27282

How much is Lunch Bunch?

1 Day – $15/mo
2 Days – $30/mo

When Does Lunch Bunch begin?

Lunch Bunch begins on the first full week in October. This year, lunch bunch will begin October 3.

Can my child stay for Lunch Bunch whenever they want?

For staffing purposes, enrollment for Lunch Bunch occurs at the beginning of the school year. Exceptions can be made by talking with the preschool director, Jodi Farmer.

Is food provided at Lunch Bunch?

Food is not provided at Lunch Bunch. Families must provide their child with a non-perishable lunch in a labeled container or lunch box. Teachers will not be able to prepare or warm-up food.

I gave my child medicine this morning to help them feel better. Can they come to school?

Children can come to school if they have been fever-free without medicine for at least 24 hours. This helps protect other children, families and staff from falling ill.

My child does not like hot/cold. Can they stay inside when the class goes outside to play?

We believe that fresh air, sunshine and mobility are beneficial to a child’s learning and gross motor development. As long as it is above freezing and no precipitation, expect that your child will spend some time outdoors and be sure to dress them appropriately.

Can I go on field trips?

Yes! As long as the nature of the field trip allows, we love having our parents and caretakers join us on field trips. You must present a photo ID and a copy of your car insurance. A copy of this information will be placed in a student file and will be valid for that school year. If you will be supervising children, you will need PYC (Protect Your Children) approval. We do a quick car inspection before each field trip to make sure registration is up to date.